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This UCLA-Researched, Science-Based, Prostate Formula Is the Only One That Contains 122 U.S. Patented Bio-Active Prostate Protectors

Every Man over 50 Needs to Know About This NEW Life‑Changing Prostate Formula!

Imagine sleeping peacefully through the entire night without a bathroom run.

Dear Friend,

Hold everything!

You need to understand right off the bat that… no matter what prostate remedies you may have tried in the past…

What you’re about to discover is an entirely new approach to ending those
night-time bathroom runs.

This is about an amazing bio-chemical breakthrough that’s so totally different; the U.S. Patent Agency has awarded a patent for the process of extracting the 122 biologically-active agents that make it so incredibly effective.

This all-new discovery wipes the slate clean as far as prostate remedies go. There simply is nothing else like it.

So please, forget about anything you may have tried in the past!

FINALLY, a totally-new approach to ending your
“got-to-go” prostate problems!

Let me explain what makes this cutting-edge prostate formula totally different and uniquely effective:

Cutting-Edge Molecular Scientists At UCLA Laboratories Have Finally Decoded and Patented, the…

5,000-Year-Old Secrets of this Prostate Healer.

There is evidence that over 5,000 years ago the people of the Mediterranean used various parts of this sacred fruit to treat a variety of ailments.

Ancient healers knew it worked, they just didn’t know why.

Well…only recently have molecular biologists at UCLA discovered how this powerful prostate healer works. And let me tell you…if you suffer with prostate issues…

This is a true game changer!
(Your life will never be the same.)

It works wonders!

My name is Jim Lemire. I’m an M.D., and I run a family practice in Ocala, Florida where I try to combine the best of natural and traditional medicine.

I don’t know how old you are, but, if you’re over 50, I’ll bet I know a few things about you…

Because, it happens to most men as we grow older…

  • You get up to go two… three… even five times a night and wake up tired in the morning…
  • You sometimes have to go so badly it hurts, but then you can’t start…
  • You catch yourself counting the miles to the next highway rest stop, trying desperately to “hold it in”…
  • Maybe you’ve had to go so badly you’ve actually had to pull over and go behind a tree…
  • You’ve rushed home… frantically fumbled with your front door key… and barely made it to the bathroom…
  • And… oh yeah… what about your love life? Remember how it used to be?

So like most men age 50 and up with prostate issues I suspect you’ve already tried several of the big-promise prostate remedies out there.

In fact, you may have tried a lot of ‘em.

And, if you’re like most men who had high hopes, you’ve probably had disappointing results.

So, maybe you’ve just concluded… nighttime bathroom runs are just part of growing older.

It’s simply not so! Be honest with yourself… how’s whatever you’re taking now for your prostate working out for you?

How often and how urgently do you have to go?

How long has it been since you slept all the way through the night?

What would you give to not have to stumble your way once or twice to the bathroom every night?

Now, as a practicing physician, I’m NOT suggesting you skip the annual “rubber glove” exam to make sure it’s not something more serious. But I hope you’ll want to find out about a RISK FREE opportunity.

I’m telling you flat out that…

The concentration of 122 patented bio‑active agents can help end your prostate issues even if everything else you’ve tried has failed miserably.

I don’t care what you’ve tried in the past.
This stuff works!

Do yourself a life-changing favor and listen to the personal advice of a practicing physician who’s had years and years of experience with all sorts of prostate remedies.

I want you to try it yourself and enjoy sleeping through the night like a baby! Oh man… how great would that be? Imagine waking up, fully rested and ready to take on the world.

And how about not having your days interrupted by frequent, often panicky and embarrassing bathroom emergencies?

If you have a wife or a dog, they’ll appreciate this, too…

Do you now wake your partner getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night? Or, do you have a dog that always barks when you get up to go, making it hard to get back to sleep?

Well… this is your chance to end all that!

To me, it’s a no-brainer! But, I’m told that due to skepticism and past disappointment, only one in every hundred who receive this risk FREE opportunity will act to end their prostate problems.

Or, if you’re taking something else for prostate symptoms and you’re still getting up at night to urinate…

And if you’ve still got some of the other disruptive and uncomfortable symptoms that go along with an aging prostate…

I urge you to discover for yourself what leading biochemists, endocrinologists and urologists are just beginning to understand:

After 5,000 years, researchers have finally identified and isolated the 122 powerful phytonutrients that make…

Pomegranate, the ultra‑powerful all‑natural healer!

It’s loaded with something called Ellagitannins – newly identified by UCLA and the University of Mississippi.

Research done at both UCLA and the University of Mississippi have shown that Ellagitannins support healthy cell growth in the prostate and may provide important protection against most common prostate issues.

What’s more, a recent study at Scotland’s Queen Margaret University found that the special nutrients in pomegranate can even promote healthy levels of testosterone, a key compound in male virility and sexual desire.

Prosterin™ is the Only Supplement to Contain The 122 Bio‑Active Agents In This Patented, Prostate‑Protecting Pomegranate Extract!

The UCLA-patented, concentrated, pomegranate extract in Prosterin™ is called Pomella®.

Pomella is uniquely beneficial because it gives you the same ratio of powerful ellagitannins, punicalagins, and otherhealth-supporting polyphenols found in the actual pomegranate fruit… without the excessive sugar or calories you’d get from drinking the juice.

Pomella® is no ordinary extract. It was developed by academic research scientists at a major California university. Their only goal was to achieve superior bioactivity and bioavailability — areas where low-cost extracts fail — and they succeeded brilliantly.

A 2006 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study found Pomella® significantly increased the antioxidant capacity of blood and was actually detectable in the bloodstream — a major breakthrough! Additional published research confirms it truly maximizes the synergistic and additive effects of pomegranate.

As a result, Pomella® has been the subject of multiple research grants awarded by the NIH and private research foundations worldwide. The resulting clinical data continues to distinguish Pomella® as the “Gold Standard” of pomegranate extracts.

Pomella® is so well proven for its extract process that it was granted multiple patents.

I’m told it costs a bit more than a generic pomegranate extract, but to me it’s totally worth it!

You get the equivalent of 2-1/2 ounces of pomegranate juice plus high levels of other prostate supporting nutrients with every daily dose of Prosterin™.

Talk about concentrated nutrient power. Each daily dose is the same as drinking 2-1/2 full ounces of nutrient- packed pomegranate juice. Prosterin™ is standardized to give you the full “natural spectrum” of pomegranate’s unique compounds with every caplet.

So, if you’re already taking a prostate supplement, check its label. If it doesn’t contain a mega-dose of pomegranate, that may be why you’re still having to get up at night to go! It’s just that simple.

 Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

The super antioxidants in pomegranate can rejuvenate your prostate

As according to…

A diet rich in antioxidants may reduce the occurrence of prostate problems.

And, here’s the thing… pomegranate juice has been analyzed to have…

More antioxidant power than red wine, grape juice, cranberry juice, green tea or acai juice.

There’s lots of research out there showing that pomegranate juice measurably reduces oxidative stress in healthy humans. And, oxidative stress has been associated with prostate problems.

And remember, no other supplement delivers the unique antioxidant power of 122 U.S. Patented bio-active agents.

But, pomegranate is just part of the story.

No matter what prostate formula you may have tried or may still be taking…

Prosterin™ works so much better because it’s the only formula that combines 122 patented bio‑actives with all THE PROVEN BASICS.

Maybe you remember that back in the 90s, the discovery of saw palmetto gave a lot of hope to prostate symptom sufferers.

The active ingredient in saw palmetto turned out to be a natural compound called Beta-sitosterol.

I don’t want to get too technical, but a clinical study published in The Prostate shows that Beta-sitosterol can help prevent the testosterone in your body from changing into something biochemists call DHT.

 DHT has been isolated as major factor contributing to prostate problems. The less DHT in your system the better it is for your prostate.

The study also showed that Beta-sitosterol reduced levels of another substance called EGF, which is also associated with prostate problems.

According to another study published in The Lancet, over 200 men took either Beta-sitosterol (with other naturally occurring plant sterols) or a placebo. Six months later, the Beta-sitosterol group showed…

“Significant improvement in symptoms and urinary flow.”

Still another study published in the British Journal of Urology involving 500 men reported improved urinary flow and symptoms.

So the research indicated that Beta-sitosterol did indeed provide improvement from prostate symptoms.

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me…

Mere improvement doesn’t cut it!

But here’s the thing, you need to have a whole lot of Beta-sitosterol in your system for it to do any good. In fact…

You’d have to eat up to 4 pounds of saw palmetto berries to get the same amount of Beta‑sitosterol you get in just a daily dose of Prosterin™.

Eventually all those lab-coat biochemists figured out saw palmetto doesn’t really contain very much Beta-sitosterol, which explains why the benefits of those early prostate supplements were marginal at best.

So, the next logical step was to isolate Beta-sitosterol and make it available in a more concentrated form. That’s what’s in most of the all-natural prostate supplements out there today.

But please keep in mind that…

Only Prosterin™ combines the maximum dose of Beta‑sitosterol with 122 newly‑patented bio-active prostate relievers, including Pomella!

That’s why Prosterin™ works way better for most men.

The combination of maximum beta‑sitosterol together with the 122 bio‑active agents in patented Pomella®, its concentrated pomegranate extract, works like nothing else you’ve ever tried.


This is the one-and-only, super-powerful Prosterin™. The only supplement to feature this double-barreled, patented prostate-protection!

See for yourself risk‑FREE!

  1. It’s the only prostate supplement you can buy that’s got the patented concentrate of all 122 phytochemicals in pomegranate.
  2. It combines the 122 new ingredients with a maximum dose of beta‑sitosterol!

Believe me, I’m familiar with the other prostate formulas out there, and I feel comfortable saying that this super-powerful formula will work better for you… regardless of whatever else you may have tried.

But don’t just take my word for it. You need to see for yourself how this amazing formula can change your life. Rediscover how wonderful it feels to sleep uninterrupted through the night.

Even if you’re a skeptic, I hope you’ll keep an open mind and order a RISK-FREE supply to give this super-powerful formula a shot.

 Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, except night-time visits to the bathroom. Because…

If you don’t agree it makes an astonishing difference in your sleep-life and your sex-life, it costs you nothing!

You get not one, not two, but seven additional prostate‑boosting ingredients in every caplet.

I know of no other prostate formula that includes this many proven ingredients in such powerful portions. And that really surprises me, because the science behind each is irrefutable. To me, it’s practically “nutritional malpractice” NOT to include them!

The results I’ve read in my own research convince me that a richly balanced, multi-pronged approach to prostate support works when all else fails. That’s why Prosterin™ combines a full dozen proven ingredients, each with its own unique actions and biochemical-nutrient profiles, so you can be sure you get the broadest possible range of support.

Everyone is a bit different. That’s just another reason why it’s so important you get whatever particular pieces of the puzzle you’re missing or could benefit from.

That’s why Prosterin™ also contains these other all-natural compounds:

  • Pumpkin Seed Extract. A Swedish study found that Pumpkin Seed extract significantly improved urinary flow, residual urine, and frequency of urination in men who took it over a 3-month period. If you’re a guy feeling the “squeeze” of prostate discomfort that’s great news indeed!
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract. This safe, well-researched root extract has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on your prostate. Research shows that when it’s combined with other nutrients, it too has a dramatic effect on urinary tract symptoms in men with prostate problems.
  • Bioperine®. This patented black pepper extract promotes greater absorption of every nutrient inside the caplet, and clinical studies prove it works. Other formulas don’t take this extra step to ensure your 100% satisfaction, but the biochemists at UniScience do.
  • L-Alanine. Not only does this amino acid support prostate health and help ease common symptoms like urgency and dribbling, it also helps form carnosine, which plays a major role in normal muscle function during physical exertion. It is often used to improve endurance and strength.
  • Quercetin, a natural anti-inflammatory. This phytochemical is found in the skin of apples and red onions. Research at the famed Cleveland Clinic indicates it has a definite positive effect on prostate discomfort.
  • L-OptiZinc®. Your prostate requires a much higher concentration of zinc than any other tissue or organ in the body. According to USDA research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, even a temporary zinc deficiency sends your testosterone level plummeting — which will take your sex drive down with it.

    Not surprisingly, many men with prostate problems are zinc deficient. That’s why they added the best zinc they could find — L-OptiZinc® — a patented high-potency form proven significantly more bioavailable than ordinary zinc supplements. With so much at stake, it’s critical that your prostate gets all the zinc it needs.
  • Lycopene. This powerful antioxidant is also found concentrated in the prostate gland. Studies suggest it can help support normal prostate size and provide protective support for lifelong prostate health and function.
 Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

So Why Put Up With Prostate Problems One More Day? You Don’t Have To!

I know that so many men whose lives are needlessly complicated by common prostate complaints, just figure they’ve got to live with it. They’re guys, right? They can tough it out!

You too may have gotten used to getting out of bed at all hours of the night to pee, night after night.

But whether you’re conscious of it or not, it will wear down even the toughest guy in the world. You might think the fatigue is just your age catching up with you. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The effects of a nagging prostate can leave you too worn out to perform your best at work… and to enjoy all the great moments with family and friends that make life worth living.

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You Too Will See The Difference Fast… A Big Difference… Or It Won’t Cost You A Penny!

If you’re still reading this, I suspect you know exactly the kind of major got-to-go annoyances I’m talking about.

With Prosterin™, you’ll get the go-less-often results that let you enjoy the active, energy-filled life you want at any age. You’ll pursue the interests and activities you love most with a full head of steam.

No more getting sidetracked by a prostate acting up like there’s no tomorrow. Now you can tell it to give it a rest!

But it’s not age that’s dragging you down — it’s your prostate. Take care of it and you may be amazed by the renewed energy and stamina coursing through your veins again.

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But, If you could buy all the powerful ingredients at one of the better nutritional stores, (you cannot!) you’d probably end up paying as much as $70 or more for a one month supply.

If it was possible, you’d probably be thrilled. After all, you can’t put a value on a good night’s sleep

But the powerful, all-natural, bio-active ingredients in Prosterin™ are only available from the laboratories of UniScience, the pioneering nutritional research company that put this patented combination together.

But, not to worry, because…

Act now and you pay just
83-cents for a good night’s sleep!

Just click on the link below and you can get 5 + 3 months FREE-month supply of 1,000% more powerful Prosterin™ for just 83-cents a day. You save $119.85!

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That’s about 1/3 what you’d pay for your morning cup of coffee. And if you’re sleeping through the night, you may not even need that coffee.

And, this is a totally RISK FREE offer. If you don’t agree Prosterin™ makes a profound difference in your life, just say so.

You can return the bottles (even if they’re empty) within 90 days of purchase, and you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price, less the cost of shipping and handling.

So, ask yourself… why not give it a go?

Forget anything you think you may know about prostate formulas. This one really is different.

Don’t let past disappointments keep you from proving to yourself that real and lasting prostate relief can be a reality.

To Your Lifetime Prostate Health,

James Lemire, M.D.


P.S. The folks who make Prosterin™ are so confident it will work for you that they’ll also send you a 60-Day Prostate Progress Chart with your order so that you can track your own results from day one. It’s simple to use, and I think you’ll be amazed by the difference you’ll feel by the time Day 60 arrives!

P.P.S. Remember, there’s a Rock-Solid 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee in full effect from the very first serving of Prosterin™ you take. So what are you waiting for?

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"It WORKS for you or its FREE!"
Absolute Risk‑FREE Protection

When you order your initial supply of Prosterin™, I don't want you to risk a single penny. I'm confident once you try this new breakthrough formula, you'll notice a dramatic difference in your prostate comfort and sex life in just the first two or three weeks. Before long, the prostate and urinary problems that have been holding you back and making your life miserable will be nothing but a distant memory.

In fact, I'm so confident you'll be delighted with the results Prosterin™ brings you, I'm willing to back it up with this complete "PEACE OF MIND" guarantee.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your results, you can have your order FREE. Simply return the unused portion, even if the bottle is empty, within 90 days, and you'll receive a full refund of your purchase price, less shipping and handling. This gives you plenty of time to prove to yourself that Prosterin™ is the answer to your prostate and urinary problems.

No matter what, your FREE gifts are yours to keep, just for giving Prosterin™ a chance to work for you.

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UniScience Group's unique blend of ingredients are extensively researched and guaranteed for quality. Our Doctor-formulated supplements give you powerful performance to help you maintain an independent quality-filled lifestyle.

UniScience Group works with Dr. James Lemire to assist with the formulations of our extraordinary products.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Lemire has built a reputation for success with problems other doctors often avoid. Problems like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and low back pain. And he's helped thousands of "untreatable" patients achieve new levels of health and freedom.

Dr. Lemire's philosophy is simple. He treats the whole person. As an individual. And he includes natural therapies wherever they can help.

As a child, Dr. Lemire was inspired by his family doctor. The old-fashioned "doc" still made house calls and knew every patient by name. He also practiced natural medicine.

After attending medical school, Dr. Lemire noticed something odd. Natural medicine often succeeded where the conventional treatments he'd learned failed. So he began to explore natural alternatives on his own. It's a path he's followed ever since.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Lemire has served as a family doctor, team physician and medical missionary. During that time, he's honed his knowledge and experience. Today, he's widely recognized as a leader in natural medicine. More than 12,000 patients a year visit Dr. Lemire's medical practice.

But he still thinks of himself as a family doctor... helping one patient at a time. Now, working with UniScience Group, he's bringing his unique natural approach to thousands of people beyond his practice.

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  • M.D., Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA
  • Board-certified, American Board of Family Practice
  • Certified Team Physician, American College of Sports Medicine
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