If you'd like to finally enjoy...

  • A full night's sleep with fewer bathroom visits or none at all
  • An end to those annoying "urges to go" every ten minutes
  • Stronger feelings of male virility and sexual desire
  • No more embarrassing "dribbles" or hesitancy
  • Optimal prostate comfort day in and day out
...here are the amazing details on the best-ever support ... AND best-ever results!

Dear Friend,

Finally, I'm thrilled to tell you that a superior solution for prostate relief is on the scene at last ... one that can help you go from bleary-eyed frustration to restful all-night relief as easily as turning off the lights and sliding into bed!

So if you've had it up to here with a prostate that's acting up and running you into the ground, you don't have to put up with it another minute. You can...

Wake up to PURE RELIEF at Last ... Because The 'Next Generation' of Prostate Support is
Changing Everything!

You probably know how for years all the talk about natural prostate support centered around saw palmetto. But as it turns out, saw palmetto was just the beginning ... and a small step at that.

Once scientists understood exactly why it worked, they went into overdrive to uncover natural solutions that can do the job even better.

I'm thrilled to say their hard work has really paid off — for you, me, and every man who wants to enjoy optimal prostate function for the rest of his life.

What they uncovered is amazing: you can totally support your prostate with certain compounds that run circles around saw palmetto. The most important are plant phytosterols like beta-sitosterol, but there are others that help immensely: herbs like pumpkin seed and stinging nettle root ... antioxidants like lycopene and quercetin ... and minerals like zinc.

And now scientists have taken a quantum leap forward with another amazing family of unique prostate-loving compounds — found exclusively in the "superfood" pomegranate — that are taking the world of natural prostate research by storm.

What this all means for you is ...

Play Your Cards Right and You Could Be Saying "What Prostate Problem?" In Mere Weeks!

What's the catch? Well, simply this: the healthiest diet in the world won't provide you with the necessary amounts of these prostate-nurturing compounds. You have to take it to the next level.

It takes a breakthrough formula called Prosterin™ with Pomegranate to make the biggest and fastest difference for you, and thousands of men have already discovered how well this amazing "next generation" solution works:

...James F. of Maryland says "Since I started using Prosterin my urinary problems have all by disappeared and my sexual desire has returned."

...Robert H. of Washington reports, "I sleep an entire night without having to get up."

...Jeffery C.M of Illinois tells us, "I noticed an increase in my vigor and well being"

You can be next! Just ahead I'll explain all the details about Prosterin™ with Pomegranate, but first let me introduce myself...

I'm One of Those Guys With Prostate Problems Just Like You

Dr. James Lemire
Board-Certified Family Physician

My name is Dr. James Lemire, M.D., and I run a family practice in beautiful Ocala, Florida, where I've treated patients for the past 10 years using the best of natural and traditional medicine.

Now, as a man over 40, my interest in prostate support is every bit as personal as yours. I don't want to face the typical symptoms of an aging prostate either. When the tell-tale signs began to creep into my daily life, I knew it was time to take action.

For me, that meant asking the UniScience Group® research team to develop...

The Complete Prostate-Relief Formula That Doesn't Cut a Single Corner on the Prostate Health Puzzle

"I sleep an entire night without having to get up"

Results not necessarily typical. Individual results may vary.

"I consider myself to be very fortunate for have found the supplements provided by [your company]. Prior to taking Prosterin, I would wake up as many as four to five times from a sound sleep to urinate. One month after taking Prosterin, I sleep an entire night without having to get up. Believe me, an uninterrupted night's sleep is certainly worth every penny I paid for my bottle of Prosterin. I highly recommend it for anyone with similar problems." —Robert H., Tonasket, WA

"Prosterin is great - great" -- Tony Y., Fortsmith, AK

After taking Prosterin for one month, I noticed an increase in my vigor and well-being" --Jeffery C.M., Chicago, IL

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We pored over the latest research on prostate health, the effects of aging, and solutions to reverse those aggravating symptoms like excessive urination at night ... feelings of urgency ... dribbling ... incomplete bladder emptying ... stop and go urinating ... prostate discomfort ... and others.

Armed with advances that run circles around saw palmetto, we developed a formula that is the best I've seen yet to promote and support your prostate for a lifetime.

Prosterin™ with Pomegranate is a proven all-natural solution that is 100% guaranteed to give you the results you want, whether you're looking to ...

  • Reduce and even eliminate night-time trips to the bathroom
  • End the constant "urgency" that interferes with your daily activities
  • Improve your urine flow and completely empty your bladder
  • Stop the embarrassment of dribbling during and after urinating
  • Enjoy greater overall prostate comfort around the clock
  • Support your engine of male virility and sexual desire
  • And more

With Advanced Prosterin™, Many Men See Results in Less Than Two Weeks. Some in Just Days!

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

That's a far cry from the days when you could wait months for saw palmetto formulas to make a difference!

You'll be amazed by how easily you can help maintain healthy prostate function in the prime of your life ... and by the benefits of greater energy and vitality that surge through your body as Prosterin™ kicks in.

Heck, You Won't Even Know Your Prostate's There—So You Won't Have to Think About It!

Imagine that: going all day and night without noticing your prostate's giant footprint in your life. It would feel like you stepped back to the days when this walnut-sized gland was still the size of a walnut!

You can't be 21 again, but just three daily caplets of Prosterin™ with Pomegranate will deliver the support your prostate needs to fade quietly into the background again for greater comfort at last.

Its exclusive formula positively brims with the new "superstars" of prostate support I mentioned earlier — a full dozen powerful ingredients — in quantities that make a real difference. They include:

Up To 1000% More Beta-Sitosterol and Other Phytosterols Than Other Formulas

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

As more and more research stacks up, one result consistently stands above the rest: beta-sitosterol is the #1 most powerful nutrient for natural prostate support.

Beta-sitosterol is the active ingredient that put saw palmetto on the map back in the 90s. But a funny thing happened when scientists took a closer look: saw palmetto really doesn't contain much beta-sitosterol at all — certainly not enough to maximize its effectiveness.

Meet the Dedicated M.D. Behind Proven Prosterin™

Dr. James Lemire is a board-certified physician whose belief in the power of natural medicine shows in his practice every day. For the past 10 years, Dr. Lemire has run a natural family medical clinic in Ocala, Florida, where he combines the best of natural and traditional therapies to produce optimal results for his patients.

Dr. Lemire is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP) with training in Family Practice, Chelation and Oxidative Medical Therapy and Functional Medicine. Prior to opening his own natural medicine practice, Dr. Lemire had been a family physician at his own or other clinics since 1979.

Dr. Lemire is widely known from his former cable television program "Be Well With Dr. Jim," and he has also volunteered his time to perform medical missionary work in Jamaica and Belize. In addition, he is a certified Sports Medicine physician who has worked with U.S. Olympic athletes as well as college and high school students.

That's Why Saw Palmetto Formulas Are Last Century's Solutions...

Saw palmetto formulas give you a diluted form of the nutrient that really works, which is crazy today because now you can get the full concentrated power of beta-sitosterol in Prosterin™ (plus so much more).

Here's what just a few of the double-blind studies tell us about beta-sitosterol. In one study published in The Lancet, over 200 men took either beta-sitosterol (with other naturally occurring plant sterols) or a placebo. Six months later, the beta-sitosterol group showed "a significant improvement in symptoms and urinary flow."

Not just some improvement, mind you, but significant improvement.

Eighteen months later, these men were still enjoying the benefits long after the trial ended. And those who continued taking beta-sitosterol continued to improve even more. They were peeing like a fire hose, and couldn't be happier! They enjoyed less urgency to go, fewer nighttime bathroom trips, no more dribbling at the urinal, the whole ten yards.

This is par for the course with beta-sitosterol. In an analysis of multiple studies involving over 500 men, the British Journal of Urology reported improved urinary flow and symptoms in those taking beta-sitosterol in just 30 days of treatment.

Clearly, this natural compound is the new "gold standard" for prostate support. So I made sure that Prosterin™ packed a solid core of beta-sitosterol and other prostate-supporting phytosterols in every caplet.

In fact, you'd have to eat up to 4 pounds of saw palmetto berries to get the same amount of these powerful plant sterols that you get in 3 caplets of Prosterin™.

I also include the additional plant sterols campesterol, stigmasterol, and brassicasterol. Why is that? Because studies confirm that beta-sitosterol is most effective when combined with its extended family of phytosterols. So until shown otherwise, I'm convinced this approach works best.

As for dosage, I consider 600 mg of phytosterols to be the optimal daily amount for men. It's what I want for myself, and that's up to ten times more than you'll find in other popular prostate formulas. As you can see, I mean business!

Pomegranate — the Rising Star in Prostate and Sexual Health

Perhaps you've already heard about pomegranate, one of nature's "superfoods" that's been revered for its medicinal benefits since the beginning of civilization, and how it can work wonders to promote stronger immune and cardiovascular health.

Now it's making its mark in prostate and sexual health research as well:

  • UCLA scientists have found that its antioxidant-like compounds called ellagitannins support healthy cell growth in the prostate and may provide important protection against common prostate issues.
  • A University of Mississippi study also indicates that these powerful compounds can boost prostate health and help safeguard it against much-feared problems as we age.
  • What's more, a recent study at Scotland's Queen Margaret University found that pomegranate can even promote healthy levels of testosterone, a key component in male virility and sexual desire.

That's Right — It Can Literally Give You a Testosterone Boost That Brings Out the Tiger in You. Now You're Talking!

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

Prosterin™ is the first prostate health supplement to feature this amazing superfood with a concentrated extract called Pomella®. It's uniquely beneficial because it gives you the same ratio of powerful ellagitannins, punicalagins, and other health-supporting polyphenols found in the fruit without the excessive sugar or calories you'd get from drinking the juice.

"You've Solved My Problems!
Don't Ever Want to Be Without Your Remedy "

Results not necessarily typical. Individual results may vary.

"I am 62 years old and have had an enlarged prostate for about 10 years. During that time I have found relief with different products. Some products work but since I started using Prosterin my urinary problems have all but disappeared and my sexual desire has returned." —James F., Annapolis, MD

"The Prosterin helped me with my sex drive. I regained my morning erections also." —Kenneth N., Ramona, OK

"Thank you for letting me try this product."
"Prosterin has helped me enormously! I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate and I urinate in larger volume. Thank you for letting me try this product. My self confidence is at its peak."
—Douglas LR., Melbourne, FL

"This was very good right from the first time I took the first tablet"
"I have had prostate problems since 2001, so when I received the bottle of Prosterin in the mail I was very happy. I was looking for a better [product] and this was very good right from the first time I took the first tablet. It stopped me from making so many trips to the bathroom and it cut down on my urge to urinate, so thank you."
—John C., Johnson City, TN

Click here to order Prosterin with Pomegranate and your 3 FREE GIFTS. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Pomella® is no ordinary extract. It was developed by academic research scientists at a major California university whose only goal was to achieve superior bioactivity and bioavailability — areas where low-cost extracts fail — and they succeeded brilliantly.

A 2006 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry study found Pomella® significantly increased the antioxidant capacity of blood and was actually detectable in the bloodstream—a major breakthrough! Additional published research confirms that it truly maximizes the synergistic and additive effects of pomegranate.

As a result, Pomella® has been the subject of multiple research grants awarded by the NIH and private research foundations worldwide. The resulting clinical data continues to distinguish Pomella® as the "Gold Standard" of pomegranate extracts.

Pomella® is so well proven for its extract process that it was granted multiple patents. It costs us more than a generic pomegranate extract, but we didn't hesitate for a second. It's worth it!

What's more, we load it up in every capsule of Prosterin™. Each serving gives you a whopping dose that's the same as drinking to two and a half full ounces of nutrient-packed pomegranate juice — standardized to provide the full "natural spectrum" of pomegranate's unique compounds with every caplet.

We want you to get optimal prostate support from this miracle fruit — and that means putting Pomella® on the job.

Plus You Get Not One, Not Two, but SEVEN MORE Prostate-Boosting Ingredients in Every Caplet

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

I know of no other prostate formula that includes this many proven ingredients in such generous portions. And that really surprises me, because the science behind each is irrefutable. To me, it's practically "nutritional malpractice" NOT to include them!

You see, my experience shows that a richly balanced, multi-pronged approach to prostate support works best of all. So we combined a full dozen proven ingredients, each with its own unique actions and biochemical-nutrient profile, so that you can be sure you get the broadest range of support possible.

Each man is different, and we want to make certain that you get whatever pieces of the puzzle you're missing or could benefit from. That's why Prosterin™ also gives you ample amounts of:

  • Pumpkin Seed Extract. A Swedish study found this extract significantly improved urinary flow, residual urine, and frequency of urination in men who took it over a 3-month period. If you're a guy feeling the "squeeze" of prostate discomfort that's great news indeed!
  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract. This safe, well-researched root extract has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on your prostate. Research shows that when it's combined with other nutrients, it too has a dramatic effect on urinary tract symptoms in men with prostate problems.
  • L-Alanine. Not only does this amino acid support prostate health and help ease common symptoms like urgency and dribbling, it also helps form carnosine, which plays a major role in normal muscle function during physical exertion. It is often used to improve endurance and strength.
  • Quercetin. This phytochemical found in the skin of apples and red onions is a natural anti-inflammatory. Researchers at the famed Cleveland Clinic recently discovered this nutrient has a definite benefit compared to a placebo for men suffering from prostate discomfort.
  • L-OptiZinc®. Your prostate requires a far higher concentration of zinc than any other tissue or organ in the body. According to USDA research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, even a temporary zinc deficiency sends your testosterone level plummeting — which will take your sex drive down with it.

    Not surprisingly, many men with prostate problems are zinc deficient. That's why I added the best zinc I could find — L-OptiZinc® — a patented high-potency form proven significantly more bioavailable than ordinary zinc supplements. With so much at stake, I want to make sure your prostate gets all the zinc it needs.
  • Lycopene. This powerful antioxidant is also found concentrated in the prostate gland. Studies suggest it can help support normal prostate size and provide protective support for lifelong prostate health and function.
  • Bioperine®. This patented black pepper extract promotes greater absorption of every nutrient inside the caplet, and clinical studies prove it works. Other formulas don't take this extra step to ensure your 100% satisfaction, but we do.

As you can see, I'm proud to be associated with Prosterin™ with Pomegranate. And judging by the overwhelmingly positive response we've received, I have every reason to be!

So Why Put Up With a
Cranky Prostate One More Day,
When You Don't Have To?

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

In my medical practice, I've seen so many men whose lives are needlessly complicated by common prostate complaints, but they figure they'll just live with it. They're guys, right They can tough it out!

However, they don't realize how debilitating that can be. It's like walking around with an anvil around your neck.

You pay a steep price when you're rousted out of bed at all hours of the night to pee, night after night. It will wear down even the toughest guy in the world. You might think the fatigue is just your age catching up with you, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The effects of a nagging prostate can leave you too worn out to perform your best at work and to enjoy all the great things with family and friends that make life worth living.

But it's not age that's dragging you down — it's your prostate. Take care of it and you may be amazed by the renewed energy and stamina coursing through your veins again.

As one of my patients said to me, "Doctor Lemire, I never realized how much it took out of me. Now I'm sleeping better and the difference is like night and day. I feel great."

That Could Be You Feeling Great Again, Too... Even If Your Prostate Has Acted Up For Years!

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

You can't change the past, but you can change your future right now and make sure you don't endure needless discomfort any longer.

Just three Prosterin™ caplets daily is all it takes for...

  • A truly restful night's sleep at last, with fewer bathroom visits or none at all
  • Less urgency throughout your busy day, and fewer interruptions
  • No more straining, dribbling, or incomplete bladder emptying
  • Superior natural support for optimal sexual health
  • Greater protection against age-related prostate symptoms
  • A stronger sense of well-being and a brighter outlook on life itself

So I can hear you asking,

Dr. Lemire, When Will These Great Benefits Begin for Me?

Well, everyone is different. But I can tell you based upon the men in my practice—as well as my own personal experience—that most men see significant results that begin in two to four weeks. Some men feel the difference almost immediately, in a matter of days.

Whichever guy you are, a big change for the better lies just ahead. Prosterin™ is like finding the right key for a lock that's frustrated you for years. *Click* it works — and a whole new world opens up, filled with greater energy and health, just like that!

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

"It WORKS for you or its FREE!"
Absolute Risk-FREE Protection

When you call or send for your initial supply of Prosterin™, I don't want you to risk a single penny. I'm confident once you try this new breakthrough formula, you'll notice a dramatic difference in your prostate comfort and sex life in just the first two or three weeks. Before long, your prostate and urinary problems that have been holding you back and making your life miserable will be nothing but a distant memory.

In fact, I'm so confident you'll be delighted with the results Prosterin™ brings you, I'm willing to back it up with this complete "PEACE OF MIND" guarantee.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your results, you can have your order FREE. Simply return the unused portion, even if the bottle is empty, within 90 days, and you'll receive a full refund of your purchase price, less shipping and handling. This gives you plenty of time to prove to yourself that Prosterin is the answer to your prostate and urinary problems.

No matter what, your FREE gifts are yours to keep, just for giving Prosterin™ a chance to work for you.

You have nothing to lose — and so much to gain — so please call or send for your No-Risk Trial Supply of Prosterin™ today. Choose one of the special money-saving deals on the attached order form to get started. You'll be glad you did!

We promise a lot, because we're convinced you'll experience results that make you stand up and take notice. As I always remind everyone, you can't fake results with a prostate formula. When it works, you'll know it!

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Plus, you'll also receive 3 FREE gifts with any order, no matter what offer you select, simply by responding in the next 7 days. Take a look at what you get as my personal "Thank You" for giving Prosterin™ a chance to perform its benefits for you...

FREE GIFT #1: Dr. James Lemire's 14-Day Do-It-Yourself Prostate and Urinary Relief Program. A $15.00 value — yours FREE!

This NEW Special Report gives you the complete prostate and urinary relief program I recommend to patients at my natural medicine clinic. What better way to make sure you get the very most out of Prosterin™ and maximize your prostate health? You'll discover simple changes to help you safeguard your prostate health ... conquer urinary problems ... put an end to sleepless nights ... and get your "mojo" back in the bedroom. All in as little as 14 days!

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This three-times-weekly health newsletter puts you on the inside track to the newest discoveries and latest breakthroughs in natural medicine. Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Jenkins and her team of contributors (including MDs) keep you well informed about the latest safe, natural remedies for your health concerns, based on up-to-the-minute research. Even better, you'll get 24/7 access to the vast database of more than 520 valuable back issues absolutely free!

FREE GIFT #3: 60-Day Prostate Progress Chart — Yours FREE!

Seeing is believing, and I want you to be convinced about Prosterin's benefits beyond any shadow of a doubt. That's why I'll also include this FREE 60-Day Prostate Progress Chart so that you can monitor your results with Prosterin™ day by day. I'm positive you'll see and feel a noticeable difference, and the more you pay attention, the more impressed you'll be. Many men report results in as little as 14 days!

PLUS as an additional benefit, you'll also get the Advanced Natural Medicine Bulletin: This exclusive daily newsletter brings you the latest discoveries in natural medicine from around the world. Every issue brings you practical, easy-to-use tips that'll help you live a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life and solve tough health issues.

Remember, You'll Feel The Difference ... a Big Difference ... Or You Won't Pay a Single Penny!

Order Prosterin with Pomegranate Now!

Got it? Good. Because the truth is, the second half of your life should be every bit as enjoyable as the first. A healthy prostate "partner" plays a huge role in maintaining your quality of life as the years go by.

With Prosterin™, you'll see real results that let you enjoy the active, energy-filled life you want at any age. You'll pursue the interests and activities you love most with a full head of steam.

No more getting sidetracked by a prostate acting up like there's no tomorrow. Now you can tell it to give it a rest!

So why not give it a go? Simply click here to order.

Prostate comfort is closer than you think ... but you have to take the first step yourself. Order your supply of Prosterin™ now!

To Your Lifetime Prostate Health,

James Lemire, M.D.

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UniScience Group - About Us

UniScience Group's unique blend of ingredients are extensively researched and guaranteed for quality. Our Doctor-formulated supplements give you powerful performance to help you maintain an independent quality-filled lifestyle.

UniScience Group works with Dr. James Lemire to assist with the formulations of our extraordinary products.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Lemire has built a reputation for success with problems other doctors often avoid. Problems like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and low back pain. And he's helped thousands of "untreatable" patients achieve new levels of health and freedom.

Dr. Lemire's philosophy is simple. He treats the whole person. As an individual. And he includes natural therapies wherever they can help.

As a child, Dr. Lemire was inspired by his family doctor. The old-fashioned "doc" still made house calls and knew every patient by name. He also practiced natural medicine.

After attending medical school, Dr. Lemire noticed something odd. Natural medicine often succeeded where the conventional treatments he'd learned failed. So he began to explore natural alternatives on his own. It's a path he's followed ever since.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Lemire has served as a family doctor, team physician and medical missionary. During that time, he's honed his knowledge and experience. Today, he's widely recognized as a leader in natural medicine. More than 12,000 patients a year visit Dr. Lemire's medical practice.

But he still thinks of himself as a family doctor... helping one patient at a time. Now, working with UniScience Group, he's bringing his unique natural approach to thousands of people beyond his practice.

  • Graduated Phi Beta Kappa, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • M.D., Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, LA
  • Board-certified, American Board of Family Practice
  • Certified Team Physician, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Certified in Chelation Therapy, American College for Advancement of Medicine
  • Medical Director, CHAC Belize Medical Missions/Central America
  • Member, American College for Advancement of Medicine and International Oxidative Medical Association



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