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Mrs. J. Torbich had been using a cane, walker and wheel-chair for the pain in her legs but one day she went to church and forgot her cane. When everyone asked her why, she told them, "because I'm using Pain-Free HP™ now, and it works!"

Mrs. Torbich's and her husband's medicine cabinet was filled with all sorts of things they had been using with no relief. They cannot take any pills either, due to many allergies. Her husband has constant pain in his shoulders. Mrs. Torbich says that Pain-Free HP™ has no side effects — and honestly relieves their pain.

Her sister uses Pain-Free HP™ now, and it works well for her too. Mrs. Torbich says ... "we're both 80 years old now, and no one believes me when I tell them that we're both getting along fine with no drugs at all! We are more than grateful for this wonderful product ..."

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... with a pocket-sized, roll-on bottle of a remarkable new discovery called Pain-Free HP™ with menthol. People everywhere who use it are amazed. And I want to convince you now that this breakthrough can banish YOUR pain quickly and easily too. You're going to see grateful comments from an array of real-life users ... learn how the science behind it works ... and then get to try it yourself, WITHOUT RISKING A PENNY.

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Your Pain Will DISAPPEAR -- Plus -- It WON'T Interfere With Your Medications

It's true. Pain-Free HP™ with menthol users report almost instant pain relief with a single application. Plus they tell us that relief lasts and lasts and lasts. You don't develop a tolerance to it and you cannot overdose with it. Quite the contrary, it actually works better and better, over time.

Equally important, Pain-Free HP™ with menthol is safe to use daily – even if you're taking other medications – since there are no known drug interactions. It won't upset your stomach either.

Plus ... if you do take oral NSAID pain relievers – you can experience significantly greater pain relief than when you use these NSAIDS by themselves.

How does Pain-Free HP™ with menthol work? And why is it so fast and effective when many other products have let you down?

OK, this is where we get to the breakthrough. It all begins with ...

"The Brain/Pain Connection"

What makes Pain-Free HP™ with menthol so popular is that it blocks symptoms for many different kinds of pain. Enjoy blessed relief for your ...


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The Brain/Pain Connection

Your body constantly communicates with your brain. Unfortunately, pain signals are a major part of this communication. For example, let's say you bang your elbow. Suddenly your body sends a "pain message" from the nerve cells to your brain – instantly.

Then your brain sends a signal back to your elbow and you suddenly feel the pain.

To put it in plain English, the pain signal moves through your nervous sys-tem and up the spinal cord to your brain. Inside your brain, there's a chemical "paingate1." When it's open, the signal passes through and you feel pain.

When the pain gate is closed, you do NOT feel the pain. For this reason, you must find a way to block the pain signals if you want to stop your daily pain.

Prescription drugs can block the pain signals, but – they often cause stomach upset or a host of other dangerous side effects. They're also expensive.

Of course, you could opt for expensive, dangerous surgery, but – it often does NOT work. And ...

That's why new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol is such a breakthrough! According to numerous studies, the active ingredient penetrates deep and actually blocks the pain signals to the brain. It does this by attracting and then destroying the messenger chemical which carries pain sensations to your brain – thus eliminating the pain! Plus, in study after study, it has been shown to be 100% safe, fast and highly effective.

Pain-Free HP™ With Menthol Stops the Pain Signals FAST – Leaving You Pain-Free for Hours and Hours ...

When you apply Pain-Free HP™ with menthol, it instantly penetrates deep and begins to attract and destroy the pain signal at the source. Before the messenger chemical gets to your brain. This helps to close the pain gate, giving you fast, lasting relief.

This means you can be pain-free at last, so you can begin to enjoy life like you used to. Just imagine, suddenly you'll be able to ...

The moment you roll new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol on wherever you hurt, you'll probably say, "WOW! This is amazing!" It's almost like a miracle. Unlike choking down a pill and waiting for it to be absorbed – and unlike popular lotions or gooey rub-ons that just sit on the skin – Pain-Free HP™ with menthol penetrates deep in just seconds. That's because of a special delivery system that penetrates the skin faster than other products.

What Pain-Free HP™ With Menthol WON'T Do!

You may have seen similar products in large chain drug stores or advertised in the mail or magazines, but DON'T BE FOOLED ... those products often contain only a synthetic version of "capsaicin" and to only .025 strength, which has been shown to be too weak and ineffective for pain relief. Pain-Free HP with menthol contains a potent .075 strength of the REAL thing.


Why is new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol so fast-acting, long-lasting, and effective for even your worst pain?

The Secret is in This High-Powered Formula ...

Pain-Free HP™ with menthol is a crystal-clear liquid roll-on that combines 4 powerful pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in a proprietary formula that work together in perfect synergy. It is non-sticky, non-staining, and easy to apply.

It Provides a 3-Pronged Attack on Your Worst Pain ...

In order for a topical pain-reliever to be fast and truly effective, it must first absorb quickly through the skin and penetrate deep to the actual source of the pain. Pain-Free HP™ with menthol actually works in two stages. Here's how...

Stage 1: A Superior "Delivery System"...

EMU OIL: It is derived from the Emu Bird, indigenous to Australia. As a topical application, it has the uncanny ability to penetrate the skin barrier. It absorbs more quickly into your skin than lotions or creams because its pH level of composition is very similar to your own skin. The high presence of (oleic) fatty acid in Emu Oil is one of the reasons why it is able to penetrate the skin so quickly – and at the same time – transport active compounds through the skin so they can have an effect on the body.

Emu Oil is steroid-free, hypoallergenic, and also functions as an anti-inflammatory. This is why new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol is able to penetrate deep, right to the source of your pain fast.

Stage 2: Amazing Pain-Killing Ability...

CAPSAICIN: Derived from chile peppers, this is so effective for relieving pain of arthritis and neuralgia that it is FDA approved. It provides fast relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, arthritis, strains and sprains. Over the past five years, more than 1,300 scientific studies on its pain-killing ability have been published in prestigious medical journals.

Stage 3: Superior Anti-Inflammatory Action ...

EUCALYPTUS OIL: This aroma-therapeutic tree , indigenous to Australia and Tasmania is very soothing to the skin. Together with menthol, it brings blood to the affected area, enhances circulation and helps reduce inflammation. It also helps to relax muscles and relieve chronic pain of joint and muscle aches because of its ability to release toxins.

So that's how new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol quickly penetrates down to pain-points you thought were unreachable – and delivers relief like nothing you've ever tried before! But you've really got to experience it yourself to believe how amazingly effective it really is.

All the ingredients work together to quickly stop your worst pain – in minutes. As a user myself, I can tell you, it really works like a miracle. And the relief works for hours and hours.

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Forget "lotions" or waiting for pills to work ...

Pain-Free HP™ with Menthol

When you roll it on where you hurt, the potent capsaicin in new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol goes to work by attracting and destroying the messenger chemical which carries pain sensations to your brain – thus eliminating the pain fast.

You never build up a resistance to Pain-Free HP™ with menthol. Quite the contrary. This is because repeated use depletes a cell's supply of the messenger chemical – so fewer and fewer pain signals ever make it to the brain.

MENTHOL: Based on clinical And finally ... studies and wide usage, the FDA has recognized menthol as safe and effective. It is a natural, white crystal obtained from peppermint oil. It stimu-lates the sensory receptors of warmth and/or cold. This produces a counter-irritant response which provides quick relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, arthritis, strains and sprains.

Six other clinical studies of a total of 207 subjects, suffering from pain due to osteoarthritis and rheuma-toid arthritis, showed menthol to give significant beneficial results vs. place-bo for pain. The studies also showed increased range of motion for the joints and increased dexterity.

And finally ...

OK, maybe you're still a little skeptical ... Maybe you've tried other topicals and they've never worked for you ... Maybe you think your pain is too intense.

I'm betting that after you try new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol, You're going to be sending us a letter like one of those other former pain sufferers ... I'm also betting that your family members will try it and love it too! That's why we're going to give you up to 3 bottles absolutely FREE, with your order, plus ...

Your Total Satisfaction is GUARANTEED — Or You Pay Nothing!

But let me ask you this...

When was the last time you felt compelled to write a letter like these about a product?

"It feels so good to be without pain"
"I was hurting so bad when I got Pain-Free HP. I was getting ready to have my fingers operated on, but after I used Pain-Free HP, I no longer have pain. I used it on a friend and she said it was a miracle in 5 minutes time. I don't want to be without it. It feels so good to be without pain." -- L. Messer, FL
"I use the roll-on Pain-Free HP for arthritis in my right shoulder and hands. I use the medication 3 times daily and as you can see it controls the pain in my shoulder and hands so I can continue playing competitive tennis. This photo was taken after I won the State of Michigan Games — age 55 & over — which I won at age 70." -- F. Beeman, MI
"The relief lasts a long time."
"Thank you for your product, Pain-Free HP. It's great for my arthritis. I use it on my legs, feet and my shoulder. It feels great. The product lasts a long time after I apply it to the painful area. Once again, I thank you very much."
--G. Sneed, OH
"Thank you for your Pain-Free HP. It works just great. I broke my left knee 2 years ago and I put some of the Pain-Free HP on because I had arthritis so bad and terrible pain. Now it's all gone. Now I can walk in the hills again for game without any trouble." -- D. Cansdale, NY

RISK-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Every order of Pain-Free HP™ with menthol is fully protected by our Money-Back Guarantee.Please take an extended 90 days to see if Pain-Free HP™ with menthol delivers the relief you want.Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.If for any reason at all,you're not pleased with the results,simply return the unused portion within 90 days for a prompt,full refund of your purchase price,less the small delivery fee.

Try new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol and convince yourself that it can stop your worst pain in just minutes. You must experience blessed relief. If not, or if you find something better – you can return the bottle(s) at any time within 90 days, even if a bottle has been used – for a full refund of the purchase price. You can order right now, today, with complete confidence.

If you've tried pills, salves, lotions or ointments, and you're still suffering with pain – and you want fast, long-lasting relief and the freedom to once again enjoy a pain-free life - try new Pain-Free HP™ with menthol today. It's been a Godsend for so many others, including myself, and now it can be for you too.

Now you can live pain-free at last. Prove it to yourself, at our risk. Try it today. And remember, whenever a flare-up threatens ...

Relief is just minutes away!


Paul Lawrence, President, UniScience Group®

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Because "trigger point" therapy is so phenomenally effective, and now widely recognized by the mainstream medical community — many doctors have learned that it is a terrific money maker for them. They routinely charge $50.00 to $100.00 or more per visit for treatments.

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1. The Canadian and British team of Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall first published their "gate theory" in the journal Science 1962.



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