Heart Protection Alert

That Reveals Heart Disease...

And Chances Are Your Doctor
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50% of Americans Who Have Heart Attacks Never Have Symptoms

Dear Friend,

I had a patient who had a heart attack that could probably have been avoided. I'd like to share his story with you.

My name is Dr. David Blyweiss, My patient – I'll call him "Harry" – did all the right things. Every year he got his regular checkups. He ate right and exercised. But still, he had a life altering health crisis.

Now, Harry wasn't the only one. After seeing this happen repeatedly, I went to work researching, studying, asking, "Is there anything else that I could do…that doctors could do… that could prevent this from happening? Is there something we're missing?"

After a lot of research, I finally identified a test that revealed far more about heart health than the "routine" tests that doctors do. And this is the test that Harry should have had.

But before I tell you about it, let me sum up how this all fits into the "standard" health care model.

Tests Are Troubling To
Most People

I see hundreds of patients a year. And almost none of them like tests. Do you? Especially tests that your Doctor orders. But they are the tests that supposedly will determine your level of health, or to see if you have any health issues.

Now, you should be getting a physical every year. That's a given.

And every year, depending on your age, your doctor will probably run a battery of tests. These may change over the years, depending on your individual health.

But most of the time your doctor will order "routine blood work" that measures red and white blood cell count, hemoglobin and platelet count, and various other things.

And there will likely be a few chemistry panels, too, so he can check out your glucose levels, liver and kidney health and evaluate a few other important markers.

Let's look at the blood tests. They tell you a lot – what you are facing now and what you could face in the future if something doesn't change.

Here's the problem – there really is no such thing as ROUTINE blood tests.

And in fact, normal blood tests that the Doctor usually requests are not enough. The "routine" blood tests that doctors order fall far short of what we could be learning about your health and your prospects for the future.

What my research revealed is that besides the heart health test Harry should have had, there are 11 OTHER tests your Doctor should be using that will not only give a better picture of your overall health, they could actually help save your life.

And I'm willing to bet YOUR Doctor isn't using most of them. In fact, your doctor may not be using any of them.

Let me go back to that first test – the one that Harry should have had – and then I'll tell you about the others…

There's one test Harry
couldn't live without
and you shouldn't either…

Did you know that there is ONE TEST that uncovers a critical risk for heart disease that is more important than even your cholesterol?

Now, you may think, "My cholesterol is great and I have it checked regularly!" And you might do all you can do to get your cholesterol beneath the baseline so that you're out of danger. That's good, you are ahead of the game…or are you? Maybe not, and this one test could make the difference. Here's why.

Nearly 75% of patients that are hospitalized for heart attack have normal levels of cholesterol! You read that right - 75% of patients! What's more, many of these same heart attack victims were considered to have optimal levels of HDL (the good kind) cholesterol.

Researchers now suspect that there is another factor that plays a greater role when it comes to preventing heart attack. And it's not what you think! I've prepared a special report to tell you about all these tests I've identified. It's called 12 Tests That Could Save Your Life.

In the very first pages of my report, I reveal this one critical risk that slips under the radar like a stealth bomber. And it's why standard cholesterol tests, while important, only tell half the story. And I'll show you the test you should be taking to spot it.

Without this test, it's possible that your doctor could send you home with a cholesterol-lowering medication that will do absolutely nothing to minimize your chance of a heart attack.

And that's only the first one of the tests I talk about in this report. There are 11 others that are just as important that your Doctor may not be using.

For example…

Your Valuable Vessels…

Your blood vessels are a vital part of your health, no doubt. Are they damaged or at risk? There's only one way to find out. There's a test for one little amino acid that will show if your arteries are clogged or clear. Of course clogged arteries could cause blood clots - and blood clots can be fatal if not treated in time. This test will show you whether or not you're at risk.

Plaque Build Up?

Are you in danger because of plaque in your arteries? You could be if you are lacking some of the important micro particles that deliver key nutrients throughout your body. Without enough of them, plaque can build up in your arteries and you might not even know it. I've discovered one little-used test that will help you know if plaque is a problem for you.

Got Stress? It could be doing far more damage than you know...

A healthy heart is only one part of the story. Do you have memory problems? Unexplained cravings for sugar and foods high in fat or salt? Mood swings?

All of those things may not be your fault – that's what the next test I talk about in my report will tell you.

You see, your body may be producing an excess amount of a particular chemical that is the root cause of many of these issues. And do you know what the trigger is for this "mega production?"

Stress! Too much stress produces an unusual amount of this chemical, and the affects can feel almost debilitating. It's another test you shouldn't go without.

Order "12 Tests That Could Save Your Life" Now

The Master Gland That Can Cause You Massive Problems...

Here's another test you absolutely should consider…

There are an estimated 59 million Americans that are at risk because their master gland isn't doing what it's supposed to do…and they don't even know it! Some of the symptoms include:

It is also one of the most misunderstood areas in the medical profession. In fact, your Doctor might even be using the wrong tests, which only makes matters worse.

This is so important that I will actually unveil TWO different tests (also the correct ones!) your Doctor should be using but likely isn't.

Are you being Poisoned?

The scary but truthful answer is yes…and every day!

Yet most Doctors I know won't routinely test your blood to check your exposure levels to toxic heavy metals like iron, lead and mercury. But exposure to these metals are more common than you think.

They are in the foods we eat, the air we breathe and yes, the water we drink. That's why this test is a must!

Besides these 7 crucial tests,
I will reveal 5 more that are indispensable…

In my special report, "12 Tests That Could Save Your Life" you'll find out about all of these tests
along with what you can do
to add years to your life and
life to your years!

You Need This Report Now…
Your Life Could Hang In The Balance

It sounds like a lot of tests, doesn't it?

Don't worry, you won't become a pin cushion and the Doctors won't be drawing a lot of excess blood. You may just need some of these tests to give you a much more comprehensive view of your health. They will chart where you are and then help you determine how you will get where you need to be.

Now, you may be thinking "that's a lot of detailed information."

It's a lot of information and it's taken me years to identify which tests were lacking, and then accumulate and catalog them.

But don't worry, I make the information in this revolutionary report easy to read. I also give you the name of each test, what it means and what to ask for. It will almost be like I am right there with you talking with your Doctor. There is even a final checklist that sums it all up!

You may also think "this information has got to be expensive."

And you would be right – normally. But I have really good news. Through a special arrangement with our publisher, we are offering this power packed report to you at the introductory price of just $19.97!

For less than the cost of lunch at a nice restaurant, you can arm yourself with this important information, information that could make you feel better, live longer and enjoy life again. You are only a few steps away from holding some vital keys to unlock future good health.

Take advantage of this special offer and order your copy of this report now. Simply click here to order. You will have it in your hands, via email, instantly.


Dr. David Blyweiss

P.S. Remember that just one of these tests could reveal a potential health condition that has gone unchecked and untreated. So don't delay! Click here to order your report.

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